In 1986, Jeanne Larson, of Cable, took her daughter Jamila and her friend Eliza Wright to see “Little House on the Prairie” by the Children’s Theater Company of Minneapolis. After the show, the cast invited those interested in auditioning for future productions to come on stage. The girls leapt at the opportunity, even though the four hour commute each way would make it impossible. On the car ride back they lamented how unfair it was that there were no theater opportunities in the area. Jeanne suggested that they could create a children’s theater for the Cable community. She also remembered that Rosina Reynolds, an actress from San Diego, lives in the area during the summer to manage a resort with her husband. After much planning, 29 children performed “Pinocchio” in the summer of 1987.

Since the creation of the Chequamegon Children’s Theater in 1987, it has incorporated as a non-profit and has exposed hundreds of children across two generations to the joy of theater and performance. This year’s production of “The Music Man” will be the 31st show.

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