Rosina (Rosie) Reynolds
Rosie is the founder of Chequamegon Children’s Theater, LTD. She and her husband Mike [Rojo] live in San Diego, CA.

Rosie was trained at the New College of Speech and Drama, London, England. She has over 35 years of acting experience and has been an actress and director in San Diego for the past 30 years.

After 29 years, she is still impressed by the talent she sees each year, and what these young people can accomplish in such a short amount of time.


Richard Erikson
Richard graduated with honors from the American Academy of  Dramatic Arts in New York and has acted in and produced plays on &  off Broadway for 18 years. Since returning to Minneapolis, he has been  involved in the children’s theater. He and his family enjoy  spending time at their lake home in Cable.
Richard says he is fortunate  to have worked with some of the best talent ever assembled on any stage –  249 children & counting. Richard is the co-owner of The Dakota Jazz  Club & Restaurant in Minneapolis, one of the finest jazz clubs in  the country.


Jeri Overman
Jeri lives in Drummond with her  husband Jim, our Set Designer. She has been with CCT since 1988.
Jeri’s upholstery business, Evergreen Upholstering & Stitching,  takes a back seat during the three weeks of rehearsals.


Jim Overman
Jim became our set designer 13 years ago, but his  involvement with CCT began during it’s second year.
He lives in Drummond  with his wife Jeri, our Managing Director; where he owns and operates a  custom cabinet shop, The Wood Chipper. He enjoys the challenge each new  play brings.